Organogram: BiCALP Nepal

Our Organogram

BiCALP Nepal's Organogram


BiCALP: Biodiversity through Community Action for Livelihood Promotion

  • GA: General Assembly
  • EC: Executive Committee
  • Advisors: Professional and Legal Advisors
  • PMT: Project Management Team
  • FPP: Focal Point Person
  • MET: Monitoring & Evaluation Team
  • BoD: Board of Directors
  • MD: Managing Director
  • PC: Program Coordinator
  • AFO: Admin & Finance Officer
  • PO: Program Officer
  • FC: Field Coordinator
  • SM: Social Mobilizer
  • OS: Office Secretary
  • OA: Office Assistant

About BiCALP Nepal

BiCALP Nepal serves community with vision to promote social/ cultural development, sustainable natural resource management, skill development and green job creation in contributing to secure livelihood of the people.